About the Alliance

The Emerging Europe Alliance for Business Services, Innovation and Technology (the Alliance) is an initiative from Emerging Europe, an intelligence and networking platform that translates the region to the world and the world to the region. We are a community of businesses, associations, local and national governments, NGOs and forward-thinking individuals. The Alliance is an initiative for the Community, by the Community.

We launched the initiative to increase the international competitiveness of 23 countries of Central and Eastern Europe, making it easier for the global markets to identify and recognise the strength of the region as a strategic partner, and compel its operators to conduct business with it.

At B’Future Summit, our flagship event, the world’s leading experts and senior representatives of the region’s most successful businesses and locations will get together to shape emerging Europe’s future as the world’s preferred technology partner.

Be ready for an event unlike any other the region has seen.


The Alliance’s mission is to turn the region into a strong and united ecosystem acting as a global powerhouse for the business services and technology industries. We strive to become the global go-to initiative for the region, providing a wealth of opportunities for networking, collaboration, as well as international expansion for our members.

Critically, the Alliance does not seek to replace or diminish the role of country-specific Outsourcing Associations, IT Clusters or Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs). In fact we recognise and commend the high value support these organisations provide for their respective communities. The purpose of the Alliance is to complement the hard work these organisations carry out, elevating the most positive attributes into a wholly aligned, and considerably stronger, value proposition at a macro level.


The Alliance is the fastest growing and most innovative business community in emerging Europe asserting itself as a powerful advocate and representative voice for its members. Check the membership benefits and join us today, and help us deliver a unified voice to the world, significantly strengthening the value proposition of emerging Europe, and asserting its rightful place on the global stage.

Through partnering at this event

As a partner of the summit, your organisation automatically becomes an Alliance member.

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