At the Alliance Global Summit, the world’s and emerging Europe’s key business services and technology stakeholders will unite to create a stronger future for the region.


Through volunteering, you will not only learn and cultivate new skills, but you will also gain the necessary work experience. Not only will you learn about yourself and in which environment you thrive best, but you will also grow your personal and business network.


Don’t underestimate the power of volunteering on your career!

“Networking is the number 1 unwritten rule of success in business”

Sallie Krawcheck




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countries represented



who we are looking for

  • We welcome self-motivated and independent individuals with a can-do mentality, committed to their role and team players with excellent problem-solving skills.


  • We expect fluency in English and good communication skills, as you will be in contact with high profile foreign individuals, depending on the role.


  • Experience in event management is not needed, but desirable. We value good relationships skills and common business sense more.


If you believe you are the right person and ready to join an international team of dedicated enthusiasts, contact us today.

Who you will meet

The Alliance Global Summit will gather 450 delegates from over 50 countries and 5 continents, representing:

  • C-level representatives of the world’s leading business services, technology and IT associations (such as IAOP, SIG, GSA, Outsourcing Verband);
  • Ministers of innovation and technology from 23 emerging European countries;
  • Public sector representatives (investment promotion agencies, regions and cities);
  • Venture capital firms, investors and start-ups;
  • Emerging Europe’s leading technology companies, such as Avast, TransferWise and UIPath;
  • Global Business Services and technology experts, such as Tholons, PwC, Deloitte and HFS Research;
  • Multinational companies, such as Microsoft, WeWork, Google, Amazon and Apple;
  • Media representatives from global outlets, such as BBC, CNN and Reuters as well as national and regional channels.


You will help us screen, train, and assign volunteers.


A high-responsibility position. As a supervisor, you will make sure the rest of your staff is doing what they need to do.


3) REGISTRATION (Event & session check-in)
We want friendly, welcoming volunteers in this position. You should be able to answer basic questions about the event and sign people in.


4) USHER (On-site orientation)
Ushers will guide people to their seats, or perhaps to certain booths or rooms. These volunteers create a welcoming environment and ensure attendees know where to go next.


A flexible role for someone who can adapt to different tasks quickly! A runner can fill in the gaps, run errands, or even take over a role for someone who didn’t show up.

how to apply

  • Fill in your details
  • Attach your CV
  • Choose the position you’d like to apply for.


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Access to our unrivalled intelligence and global network of key individuals and organisations enable all those with a stake in the region to participate in shaping the prosperous future of 23 countries.


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